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A Science of Human Nature?

Philosophical Disputes at the Interface of Natural and Social Science

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Tim Lewens, 'The Biological Foundations of Bioethics' (Oxford University Press) out now

last modified Feb 21, 2015 05:46 PM

Hot off the press is Tim Lewens's new book, The Biological Foundations of Bioethics (Oxford University Press).


Much recent thought on the ethics of new biomedical technologies, and work in ethics and political philosophy more generally, is committed to hidden and contestable views about the nature of biological reality. This selection of essays teases out these biological foundations of bioethical writing and subjects them to scrutiny. The topics covered include human enhancement, the risks of technical progress, the alleged moral threat of synthetic biology, the reality of human nature, the relevance of evolutionary psychology to social policy, the nature of the distinction between health and disease, and justice in healthcare decision-making.